Individual Financial Coaching .

A safe place to gain financial perspective.

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One to one coaching can help you build an awareness of your financial blindspots. You will be helped to identify areas of weakness and then work towards improving them.

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US$ 180 .00

/ month
  • One to one personal sessions
  • Get the accountability you need
  • Pay off debts
  • Weekly Calls


US$ 240 .00

/ month
  • One to one personal sessions
  • Relational conversations
  • Pay off debts
  • Weekly Calls


US$ 360 .00

/ month
  • One to one personal sessions
  • Learn to manage personal finances
  • Learn to manage business finances
  • Weekly Calls


Any information you share will be treated with utmost confidence.


We're here to listen to your story without criticism and empower you to work towards your financial goals.


We assess and create a plan that is unique to your financial situation.

Simplified Teaching

You never leave a session feeling confused or having unanswered questions.

Engel Jones, CEO

Engel is the Founder and chief visionary. He is always working on another big hairy audacious goal. He loves sharing unique narratives and fostering unlimited networks. 

Amanda Jones, COO

Amanda is the quiet warrior. Her support of Engel's vision has influenced how she pursues goals. She is an established nurse who made a career change to an entrepreneurial adventure.