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Engel Jones, Podcaster

Engel is the Founder and chief visionary. He is always working on another big hairy audacious goal. He loves sharing unique narratives and fostering unlimited networks. 

Amanda Jones, Poet 

Amanda is the quiet warrior. Her support of Engel's vision has influenced how she pursues goals. She is an established nurse who made a career change to an entrepreneurial adventure.

Our Timeline


Amanda and Engel are impacted financially when Engel lost his job...

...Engel has a miraculous encounter. He was laying on the living room rug with his 3 year old son, looking at an interview, sad and stressed. After listening to Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Benny Hinn he bought the book which they spoke about,  Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money


After reading Thou Shall Prosper, Engel read another book, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

With the help of Dave Ramsey's plan Amanda and Engel applied the baby steps to become debt free of $217,000 in 11 months. In November 2013, Engel attended Entreleadership in Tennessee where he met Dave Ramsey in person

We're Debt Free

Amanda and Engel have told their story on many stages of how challenging it was to become debt free. Initially Amanda was very reluctant. She was working long shifts at the hospital, a high stressed environment. They had been married for five years and in love altogether for 12 years. Within that time Engel was never short of entrepreneurial ideas


Amanda and Engel in  front of the debt free signature wall

Engel continued helping families learn how to manage their money through books and classes. Meanwhile Amanda was working as a nurse and pregnant with their second son. In what was left of her spare time she penned poems for her first book


Amanda visited the US for the first time with Engel. They became Certified Financial Coaches through Ramsey Solutions. 

Certified Financial Coaches

Wanting to learn more on financial coaching Amanda and Engel attended Financial Coaching Master Series in Tennessee. Interestingly, when it was time to return home, flights were grounded because of a major winter storm. They were determined to get home. Engel decided that he and Amanda would drive to Florida. This would go down as their first road trip adventure, together. Engel drove for 12 hours. The longest he had ever driven in his life.

Amanda and Engel with Dave Ramsey 

Amanda and Engel travelled to Tennessee. Instead of booking connecting flights they made it a road trip. This time it was a planned adventure. They rented a car at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and drove to the workshop in Tennessee then back. 


Engel became a Certified Financial Advisor through the Institute of Banking and Finance of Trinidad and Tobago

Coaching with Excellence

Dan Miller's two day workshop taught aspiring coaches how to be successful coaches. It was during this event Engel decided to continue with his #12minconvos podcast goal

Amanda and Engel sitting with Dan Miller and other attendees

Amanda & Engel attended Podfest. Engel was invited as a speaker by Chris Krimitsos. This required another 3 hour driving adventure for them from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando and back 

In April of 2017 Engel attended Transform U Live in North Carolina... 

Transform U Live

 Engel was invited to Stephen's conference, Transform U Live as a guest. He described the conference as life changing. 

Prior to leaving the shores of Trinidad, he posted on Facebook "Who's in Raleigh, North Carolina?" His podcast guests excitedly responded. He used social media to arrange #12minconvos' first official meet-up

Engel in thinking mode

Amanda and Engel entered into a real estate investment. It was their first AirBnB

Amanda and Engel drove thousands of miles across 48 states and Canada. They recorded 349 conversations.

48 States & Canada

This epic story began on June 12th 2018. Together they set out on a 12-week goal. This was a road trip of a different magnitude. The challenges that laid ahead were daunting however Amanda supported Engel's decision to meet his past podcast guests face to face in North America. 

If you believe it, it's possible

Engel resigned from his day job to become a full time Entrepreneur...

... Amanda gave birth to their third son. She also launched a total of four books in The Rhyming Bible Bubbles series


Engel resigned from his day job to become a full time Entrepreneur...

... Amanda gave birth to their third son. She also launched a total of four books in The Rhyming Bible Bubbles series


The world shuts down.

Children's Books

The Rhyming Bible Bubbles Series was created to increase the moral awareness of children. She rewrote selected bible stories using rhymes to create an interactive biblical learning experience

If you believe it, it's possible

Amanda and Engel set a goal to write a book together. 


Amanda and Engel set a goal to write a book together. 


 Amanda and Engel begin to help others publish easily.

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