Village Gayap

Each one can help one 

green plant on brown round coins

The "Gayap" concept was once alive and well in many parts of the Caribbean. A sou-sou was a form of gayap where villagers would pool their money. This type of community trust helped villagers to fund projects without being in debt to banks or other lending institutions. There was no interest and no hidden fees. 

Amanda and Engel have decided to create a Village Gayap for their community of family and friends. It was inspired by a conversation Engel had with his mother, Casandra Jones. By this method, achieving small goals without debt is made possible. There is no service fee or no interest charges. You get what you put in. Fill out the form below with your information to begin. 


Engel Jones, Podcaster

Engel is the Founder and chief visionary. He is always working on another big hairy audacious goal. He loves sharing unique narratives and fostering unlimited networks. 

Amanda Jones, Poet

Amanda is the quiet warrior. Her support of Engel's vision has influenced how she pursues goals. She is an established nurse who made a career change to an entrepreneurial adventure.